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On Commitment

Commitment is a social contract between two or more individuals in which a social activity is engaged in, agreed upon, for the purposes of a common objective or goal.

Commitment allows the accomplishment of a united vision in consensus. Commitment, as an ideology, provides the insecure with perceived security, perceived trust, perceived stability, perceived structure and therein perceived direction. The truth is, we are all insecure inside. We have old narratives, old agreements - conscious and unconscious - that are still active in the deep recesses of our unconscious and which reveal themselves in our moments when we become aware of any arising tensions or constrictions within our selves.

The Truth is that commitment is present in the Present. The Present is a gift. If you turn your attention towards your Present moment, you will find that you are full, safe and secure. There is no past and there is not yet any future. There simply IS. And within that, do we not all feel incredibly content? And within contentment, is there not 100% commitment?

Therefore, if you should desire commitment, commit fully to the Present. Your Present. Not anyone else's stories or ideas or emotions. Your Present is Your Truth. The only commitment you will ever need is commitment to your self. All else is illusory for anyone who promises a future is lying to you - he/she can never know what will happen next. All anyone can guarantee is their conscious living choices in the Now.

If we should all commit to being Present with one another, will we not consciously and with free will, lay the foundational bricks of trust, integrity, commitment, communication, choice, love and more?

Commit to Presence and you shall attain commitment.


Keepers of The Akashic Records

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