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I am Me : Perfectly Imperfect

Today I am sad. Not just any sad, but Sad, with the capital S.

There is so much to be happy for and so much to rejoice about (even this moment of deep sadness); yet today my courage and strength is mustered up for the ability to feel deep sadness and great emotions.

I don't know why I am sharing this, I just know I have been guided to.

Too many of us spend our time and efforts shying away from our true selves, from the Truth of our Nature. Too many of us tell you (especially those of us who believe we are in the "spiritual community") that feeling bad is a sign that you need fixing, that you have issues, that you are not perfect, that you are not whole. Worse still, that you are unenlightened.

And therefore, you NEED to Heal, with the capital H. You NEED to let go of something - but what? Let's ask the healer or speak to the Guru.

How mistaken most of us are.

Each moment is your Guru. Each moment you are already healed. There is nothing more you need to do.

Why must we shy away from our "less than perfect" selves? Why do we avoid those who are in pain?

Because we segregate the journey of life into "here" and "there". We make it linear when it has no form.

Are we aware of how caught up we are in this cycle and karma of Attachment and Detachment to the Pains of Enlightenment?

I think it is time we stood up for each and everyone of us. We ARE light and dark. We ARE warriors, Angels and spirits of duality. We ARE the Collective. We already ARE. And so We are much much more than we can possibly comprehend. Why then do we only accept qualities of ourselves that we deem to be "favourable"? Why do we get irritated, exhausted, avoidant and hateful about the very Nature of our beautiful existence. Why do we avoid those who aren't their best selves all the time? We do we run when we think we aren't being our best selves?

I don't know but here're my 2 cents.

We seem to think that being around those who are in a "lower vibration" or "frequency" drains us. Brings us to their level. We avoid them. We tell them they need to get up and raise their vibration. I think that could be a huge misnomer linked to our "spiritual ego".

I have the capacity to feel bad. You have the capacity to feel bad. Yet, in our strive for "Supreme Perfection" (some would say "Enlightenment"), we have forgotten that it takes:

  1. A whole lot of courage to be truthful to ourselves and with others about the pristine essence of our Nature

  2. A whole lot of self love and COMPASSION to gift and give yourself the opportunity to grieve, feel bad, get angry, feel injustice, cuss, swear, get violent etc.

No, I am NOT advocating for our right to enact mayhem and chaos upon others. I believe that we naturally would not if we weren't under pressure all the time to be "stable" and perfect. I think if we did not have those expectations of "normality" and "stability", we would all naturally have more patience and compassion for each other because I know and we know that we are all the same anyway!

I Am You. You Are Me.

When we deprive ourselves the opportunity, time and gift of true expression, we innately deprive ourselves of the love we have innate within us that we could share with ourselves and each other.

I think and am beginning to feel strongly that perhaps we have all taken this Path to Enlightenment way too seriously and created too many complications.

We are here to make manifest the Light and Love of God. All we have to do is simply BE.

If so, then we are all already Enlightened. Yes, even those who are in the "Darkness". Because the shawdow warriors may be the wisest of us all! That they can and have chosen to play the role of the shadows because they know that they are not enslaved to it. So they can give themselves over to playing the shadows so completely that we are fooled by their gestures and role-playing of Hate or Ignorance.

All are part of the Light.

I believe "Enlightenment" is actually a state of ease and Acceptance. It is innately easy. Why would God/Spirit make it difficult or complicated to enjoy the very existence He/She created for us to enjoy?

Have you ever seen an artist who was so excited, proud and happy of his work put his work behind countless doors and tall walls just so he can make you appreciate and enjoy his artistry? That you have to do millions of recitations or kill many lambs before you qualify to have a peek? Ludicrous isn't it? The artist would make it simple for you to share the joy of his work. He may put on a show, a gallery, an exhibition. He would've shown it to those he knew personally. Yes! He would BRING THE ART TO YOU.

So here is a fun fact to think about: Why is Enlightenment a state that seems so difficult or challenging to get to? Is pain and suffering even truly "real"? What if we have stared at our feet for so long that we believe the "hole" we are in is actually really really deep when it actually is simply a flat surface with our own shadow cast over it? What if all we need is a simple change in perspective?

What if you were told that this existence is simply about Discovery? That the endless pursuit for Enlightenment is pointless because it isn't a state you can get to since there is nothing to escape? That existence is simply about Play, Enjoyment, Fun, Adventure? That this existence we call Life, WE actually call Love? And that all you need to do is enjoy the moment and be you? No questing necessary? There is no war left to fight? No perfect state to get to because you already ARE? There is nothing more or less that you can be or do to enjoy the art of Living and Loving?

All are True.

"Enlightenment" is simply a state of Being. It is the Power of the Now. It is not up, down, here, there, 5D, 3D, 72D, nthD and what have yous. It is not a state to get to. It is a state to Be IN.

Our collective pursuit for perfection in the sense of "Enlightenment" when improperly understood may mislead most of us into thinking, judging and condemning ourselves and others for being "less than".

How so?

Example: Some of us tell ourselves that we need to choose our friends wisely and select circles that support our growth because otherwise we may go astray. Or that we have to abstain from certain acts, behaviours, speech or substances because they are impure or of a lower vibration.

"Less than" mentalities.

In the "spiritual" circles I have walked in and experimented with, there is much talk about the Perfection of Something. That in order for wisdom to be obtained or received, one must first partake in a ritual of introspection, self-cleansing and purification and then, keep up with the ritual of sustained purity of mind, body and spirit. I believe that continued and sustained exposure to this model of "Spirituality" can leads us down an interesting slippery slope.

We have heard of those who quest for Enlightenment and who spend countless hours in ritualistic purification. Their practice becomes their crutch and church. Like a dependant, they tell themselves this is what got them there in the first place. It's what makes them feel good. A "good habit" a "healthy addiction". They start justifying that because they do not get grief over not practicing, therefore they are balanced and whole and on the path to Enlightenment. Their emotional stability is a testament to their success. Attachment, pressure and implicit biases take root in the ego consciousness and we begin to justify to ourselves and to others the need to get to "that state".

Hello spiritual ego.

What if you were told that a wobbly bicycle is still stable because it maintains it ability to move in the direction it wants and that a fallen bicycle is also extremel stable because it is not capable of wobbling?

Confused? You shouldn't be. Because what this is trying to illustrate is that it is all about the state you are in and the qualities of that state. A bike at rest is not a bike that can or should wobble. A bike that moves has the capacity to wobble. So when you ride a moving bicycle you will wobble! It is only natural but it hasn't stopped moving! If it does fall, well that's when the moving bicycle becomes a stationary bicycle. Simply change in states.

So in all states, one is already here, there, everywhere. In all states one is perfect. The bike isn't even important. The focus should be on what the nature of that state the object is in.

I.e. the implied conclusion is that you already ARE enlightened. You only need to accept yourself, be in the present, and enjoy the moments.

So even when you are sad, like I am today. It is STILL a state of Enlightenment and stability. Because you ARE you! And this is the you NOW.

Thinking you need to allow yourself to be in this state so you can heal adds unnecessary pressure to the state of Being. Be HERE with you and with someone you know or don't know all the time.

If we know that this is the Plane of Discovery, then why do we persist in judging ourselves for the authenticity of our emotions?

Yes I know the Buddha and the Masters all came to help show us the way out of Pain and Suffering. Jesus died for our salvation.

And They indeed have! In fact, their message has always been simple : LOVE. Be here in the Now.

Funny how we complicated things, isn't it?

Today, I feel sad. Very very sad. And I love it.

Watch me enjoy being sad. I'd invite you to rejoice in my being sad.

Because in this moment, I am me. Perfectly Imperfect.

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