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From My Heart to Yours

I am an eclectic mix of tribal Indonesian-Malay, sea-faring Portuguese, entrepreneurial Chinese and earth-keeper Navajo. My approach towards life is thus all about unity, harmony, community, integration, love and Remembrance. I honor my ancestors and teachers in every thing I do.


I was called into service formerly in 2013, flew to Guatemala to be initiated into the Akashic Records and have been in Service since. I am also a certified yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, raw food nutritionist/chef, cacao facilitator, movement facilitator, and breathworker. In my life so far, I have been a trained psychotherapist, lawyer, serial entrepreneur (CEO and Co-Founder of Anything But Salads Ltd, HK), business consultant, professional dancer, and taught MBA/eMBA on Conscious Entrepreneurship and Conscious Leadership. These past experiences gift me many different touch points of relating to others from different walks of life and also provide relevant vocabulary that I use today to bridge worlds with others.

  Even though my anchor offering is the Akashic Records, my sessions are practical, down-to-earth, grounded and applicable long past an individual session. I value routine, consistency and stability and build my support around them. Workshops and retreats with me involve wisdom teachings, stories, beauty, grace, silence, stillness, observation, meditation. intuitive movement and authentic vocalization. As I love intimacy, you will discover that my methods with Spirit are journeys from self back to Self. I love to create experiences where we can simply Be; express our inner truths, desires and passions; come alive and celebrate Life. I love to play, so please bring your inner children to join me!


With Death as my teacher, I lend my own intimate wisdom experience of death and dying, transience, impermanence and Presence into each moment with every entity I meet. I hope to Guide you to meet Death with love and acceptance with the realization that Life is a constant grateful blossoming of self through connection.

Having been in service in the field of trauma for over 20 years, and a survivor of C-PTSD myself, I approach all my offerings, services and clients with compassionate enquiry, open mindedness, and believe that stories and experiences only serve to get us to where we are. Our past is not our identity or a life sentence. Trauma need not be re-experienced in order to integrate and heal.


My methods are simple, gentle, and effective. Integration is key.

Since my Re-Awakening, I have been humbled to serve thousands around the world and have found myself in the wonderful Grace of learning with esteemed Masters and Teachers - H.H Dalai Lama, H.H Gyalwang Drukpa, H.E Ayang Rinpoche, H.E Phakyab Rinpoche, and have been initiated into the ancient studies of Phowa, True Nature of Mind and Tibetan Tantric teachings. I studied with Teya K Estar (Northern Drum Shamanic Center, UK) for shamanic foundation practices and will be going into training with Merav for Mapacho (Sacred Tobacco) in Peru soon.

My tool kit comprises of an eclectic mix of Akashic Records, basic shamanic practices, breathwork, oracle and tarot cards, crystal healing, meditation, yoga, Qigong, transcendental dancescapes, authentic movement, art, stillness, rituals, ceremonies, food, nutrition and more.

Thank you for reading this. I look forward to Journeying with you.

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About Me: About Me
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