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About Me


Calista is gifted with life experiences and talents that bridge ancient ancestral wisdom with modern knowledge. She loves to lead and design experiences that bring forth vulnerable authenticity with integrity, ethics, integration, love and Remembrance. She enjoys inspiring others to Remember and embody their own Inner Guru, Truths and Spirit through a variety of embodiment techniques. She believes in holding safe and sacred spaces where you are held in the fullness of your humanity; guiding you deep into your Heart spaces to illuminate your authentic selves and calling in soul integration with Love, Compassion and Wisdom at all levels. Calista humbly offers her humanity and heart as a platform for all to experience themselves; accompanying them on their Sacred Journey back Home to Self.



I last had a session with Cali when I found myself facing a difficult problem, the information I received from her was mind-blowing in both it’s relevance, content and clarity. Without explaining myself she jumped right into the heart of the issue meeting me where I was stuck. Her connection with her guides is very clear, and combined with Cali’s intelligence and eloquence it made for a very insightful reading that was to the point and well explained. Any questions I had were answered clearly and succinctly, and I was never left confused by ambiguous language (which some readings of this nature can fall into). Cali was kind, joyous and a pleasure to communicate with throughout our process, and she was happy to go out of her way to help me even after our session. In a nutshell I was extremely impressed with her work and I would go back to her if I wanted more readings like this.

Finn P | UK, Musician



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This is all about embodiment.

Through vinyasa, active yoga asanas, guided meditations, active witnessing, various soundscapes and more, you are invited to journey into your inner selves to access, integrate and express the parts of you that you may have forgotten, abandoned or lost over time and space.

Yoga is practiced in its purity with attention to breath, prana and vector dynamics. 

Movement is held in sacred sanctity when you are invited to explore and express your personal stories in a safe container without judgment.

In person / Online


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Express . Relate . Heal . Integrate

This is safe space to explore and integrate all aspects of your history. The emotional history places more importance than the factual history. A safe space is held for you to explore your emotional landscape, heal past traumas and build skills and your personal tool kit for the life you wish to enjoy. 


Calista holds a Psychology BA, with a focus on emotions and analytical psychology, I have extensive experiences dealing with trauma (C-PTSD, developmental, rape, war veterans, suicide, depression etc) over the past 10+ years, as well as experiences working with psychedelic journeys, schizophrenia, physical and neurological disabilities, down syndrome and special needs.  


"Let silence be the art you practice"