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"There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting."

- Buddha -


About Me



Thanks for dropping by. My name is Calista, but you are welcomed to call me 'Cali'. I come from an extremely difficult and traumatic background, which has taken me on the path of Chiron, the wounded healer. I have lived various different lives in this lifetime and as I mature and gain wisdom, my offerings have become simpler and less sensational.


I'm pragmatic with a healthy dose of respect for the esoteric. Like Socrates, I am one who loves knowing that I know nothing at all. I never chose to walk this path as a healer, and often I rebel against it. But decades later, here I am - an Akashic Records reader, Medicine woman, Trauma-informed psychotherapist, lawyer, entrepreneur, expressive arts therapist-in-training, healer, guide, and spiritual teacher. I offer deep soul, spiritual, psychic and emotional healing work to those who desire to transform, gain deeper awareness and heal from past pains. Death and Love are my two primary teachers. Nature is my church.

I'm grateful and honoured to be of service to any and all I meet. I look forward to serving you. 


Namaste, In Lak'ech.




Access the Grand Collective Library of Consciousness to discover your purpose, receive guidance & wisdom.

The Akashic Records is a compendium of pictorial records, or “memories,” of all events, actions, thoughts, and feelings that have occurred since the beginning of time.

Access your Records to understand yourself better.


In person / Online


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Discover stillness and unlock inner awareness through movement in the presence of a compassionate witness.

Authentic Movement explores the relationship between the mover (you) and the witness (me). It explores being seen and seeing.

Gradually, the invisible becomes visible, the inaudible becomes audible, and explicit form is given to the content of direct inner experience. 

In person / Online



Dive deep into your unconscious to understand your dreams, retrieve ancestral wisdom & creative expression.

Based on Jungian Theory, this is a safe, creative and play-full space for you to experience, dance, play and communicate with the different aspects of your conscious, and unconscious aspects.

Through myth and storytelling, we embark on a soul weaving journey through dreamtime in our waking worlds.

In person / Online


I last had a session with Cali when I found myself facing a difficult problem, the information I received from her was mind-blowing in both it’s relevance, content and clarity. Without explaining myself she jumped right into the heart of the issue meeting me where I was stuck. Her connection with her guides is very clear, and combined with Cali’s intelligence and eloquence it made for a very insightful reading that was to the point and well explained. Any questions I had were answered clearly and succinctly, and I was never left confused by ambiguous language (which some readings of this nature can fall into). Cali was kind, joyous and a pleasure to communicate with throughout our process, and she was happy to go out of her way to help me even after our session. In a nutshell I was extremely impressed with her work and I would go back to her if I wanted more readings like this.

Finn P | UK, Musician


"When you feel a peaceful joy

That's when you are near truth."




Thank you for reaching out!

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